We strive for your patients to have better sleep

Good Sleep Co was built to create great patient experiences on the journey to better sleep health. We believe almost everyone can benefit from sleeping better and we believe we will make a significant contribution to people achieving this around the world.
Our vision is simple.

We aim to create products and experiences that enable more patients to access sleep treatment products that are appropriate to them.

We do this simply by connecting health professionals and providing technology to create superior treatment paths.

A big part of this is educating health professionals.


Good Sleep Co qualified dentists are sent referrals to perform fittings of our Hushd Pro device.


Sleep Clinics & Referring Specialists

Patients can book in directly to our partnering sleep clinics and referring specialists.

Clinics can also stock Hushd and sell directly to their patients.

Dental Sleep Medicine Experience
The first annual Good Sleep Co global conference will be held at The Dental City, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The course will cover concepts of sleep medicine and how Good Sleep Co is reshaping the future of treatment.

The 3-day event will incorporate dental sleep medicine training, product launches and carefully curated local experiences.
9-11 June 2023

$990 SGD Early bird special

$1290 SGD for bookings made after 31 March 2023

What we make


We’ve designed and manufactures a range of dental sleep devices and cleaners that can improve your patients OSA.
Our products can also provide additional revenue streams through your clinic.



Our digital platforms help patients as well as sleep clinics and dentists. We provide resources and streamlined workflows for case management, booking and reporting.


Our Journey so far

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