Good Sleep Education Roadshow

May 2024

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We’re excited to announce our Education Roadshow!

Are you interested in learning more about dental sleep medicine and oral appliance therapy? Join one of our sessions on the Education Roadshow.

May 2024 5:30-9pm Venue TBC

May 2024 5:30-9pm Venue TBC

May 2024 5:30-9pm Venue TBC

Programme Snapshot

  • Basics of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
    A 1.5 hr pre training video to build a knowledge base for specific training at the evening event.
  • In clinic screening and treatment workflow
    How to identify patients with OSA and guide them through diagnosis and treatment using mandibular advancement devices.
  • How to screen patients
    Questionnaires, observation and direct marketing.
  • Diagnosis (sleep testing devices - diagnosis of sleep apnea and snoring)
    Simple ptions to diagnose patients at risk of OSA.
  • What can Good Sleep Co offer
    All the tools you need to run a successful dental sleep medicine practice including Good Sleep Co’s unique mandibular advancement devices.
  • Creating a case
    Digital impressions, bite registrations and lab sheet.
  • Basics of CPAP and trial therapy
    Understanding therapy options is critical to become a well-rounded dental sleep medicine practitioner.
  • Permanent CPAP therapy
    And your chance to ask the experts.
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