How it Works for Sleep Clinics

We partner with sleep clinics/retailers and dentists to streamline and improve the diagnosis and treatment of OSA. From a business perspective, we facilitate increased revenue for our partners through our products and software.
Step 1

Temporary device

Patients suffering from sleep apnea start with a low cost, temporary Hushd device. They purchase this from our website or through a retailer or sleep clinic. Patient’s can ‘self-mould’ this device by using boiling water to soften the material and bite into the arches at a certain jaw position.

Step 2

Patient education

We prompt them to download our dedicated sleep apnea mobile app called SleepCare. The app includes guides and resources to help them self-fit the Hushd device as well as subjectively record their OSA.

Step 3

Patient nurtured

When there is an improvement to the patients OSA, we encourage the upgrade to our Hushd Pro permanent device. We do this through our SleepCare app, where patients can book directly with a dentist or sleep clinic.

Step 4

Patient referred

Hushd Pro requires fitment by a GoodSleepCo qualified dentist. Patients can either:

  • Book an appointment directly with a GoodSleepCo qualified dentist through our app
  • Or book an appointment with a sleep clinic, either through our app, or by phone. During their consultation with a GoodSleepCo qualified sleep clinic they can be referred directly to a dentist through Resdent, our case management software.
Step 5

Permanent fitting

Patient attends two appointments with a GoodSleepCo dentist; an intra-oral scan and fitting of the device.

Each of the appointments take approximately 15 minutes, so just 30 minutes of the dentists time total for which we will pay $600 per hour.

We bill patients directly through the app and pay clinics at the start of each month for cases completed the month before. Any extra work can be billed by you directly to the patients, including abnormal complexity of cases.


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