How it Works for Dentists

Good Sleep Co dentists benefit because:
      1. We train you to identify, screen, test and treat your own patients
      2. We send you patients through our sleep clinic program
      3. Offer a range of products and software tools for you to add value to your existing practice
Step 1

Identify and screen

We help you identify and screen your own patients through expert lead training courses and resources.

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Step 2


Use our proprietary software called ResDent to access tools to diagnose patients for Sleep apnea. This includes accessing specialist reporting and recommendations for therapy.

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Step 3


Access our range of custom made, permanent treatment products for your clinic. We also provide support for intra-oral scanning and bite registration.

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Step 4


Patients can monitor their snoring and energy levels easily with the SleepCare app.

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Step 5

Other products

Our range of sleep devices and cleaners have been specifically designed to treat snoring and sleep apnea.

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