Everything you need to know about better sleep and how our products can help.

Typically snoring is caused by a restriction in the airways. Usually this happens at the back of the tongue but can be due to a cold/blocked nose or other nose and sinus related issues. Often people that are habitual snorers may have an underlying condition called Sleep Apnea.

The Hushd device works by pushing the lower jaw (The mandible) a little bit forward. This also pushes the soft tissue in the airways forward and subsequently opening the airways enough for air to flow smoothly. 

Permanent customised devices are important for longevity of therapy. Custom, professional fitted HushdPro devices undoubtedly create a more comfortable experience for patients and are associated with far fewer possible side effects. 

Because we focus on just that, good sleep. We don’t just sell you something and kick you out the door. We will be there every step of the way, no matter what sleep problem we are helping you with. 

It’s important to find the most suitable therapy for you and your needs. We offer free sleep coaching sessions. Chat to us and we will walk you through what you should be doing next. That doesn’t always mean our products are right for you, but we work with a number of partners that help provide alternative therapies to our patients.