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Hushd Pro Review

“It is truly amazing. I barely feel like I am wearing a device, my jaw does not feel overly pushed forward and yet it has completely cured my snoring! No teeth displacement or discomfort after waring for hours at night. It is a godsend and worth every penny!”

Jennifer D.

A comfortable alternative to CPAP

Permanent Device

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HushdPro Avera is our professionally fitted, completely custom device designed for maximum comfort and effectiveness. 

This option is for individuals who:

→ Have had clinical recommendation for oral appliance therapy
→ Is a primary snorer (snoring in the absence of sleep apnea)
→ Has failed CPAP or refuses to use it

HushdPro Avera Benefits:

  • ✓ Fitted by a medical professional
  • ✓ Physician Approved
  • ✓ Highly effective in stopping snoring and sleep apnea
  • ✓ Better adapted to your jaw position
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Once you have paid, you will be directed to book an appointment with your closest Good Sleep Co qualified professional.

Rebate available through private insurance.

Safe to use

All components are made from premium materials. There are no latex, screws, wires, nuts, bolts or springs.


Hushd offers precise calibration in 1mm increments. No tools are required to set or reset.


Easy-to-read indicator provides a clear guage of the amount of jaw advancement of the side of the device.

Advanced Design

Unlike other devices, Hushd does not use any metal screws, rubber bands.

Professionally fitted just for you

The HushdPro Professional Device is a professionally fitted, custom mouthguard that opens your airways, keeps your tongue away from the back of your throat and positions your jaw to achieve a snore-free sleep.

Fitted by a Good Sleep Co qualified professional, the HushdPro is moulded specifically for you and your dental print, by our Good Sleep Co lab technicians. This ensures that your device provides maximum comfort and efficiency, so you can achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

  • ✓ Designed to reduce snoring and improved sleep quality
  • ✓ Designed for comfort
  • ✓ Fully adjustable
  • ✓ SleepCare App compatibility

The hushd mouthpiece keeps your airways open while you sleep, allowing for smooth and continuous breathing - giving you and your loved ones some much needed rest from persistent snoring.

Most patients receive money back from their private health fund - contact us for more information.

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Amazing product with a straight forward solution to stop my snoring for good!
Dean M.
- Finance Manager
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Regular price$2,190.00
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